Simple snoot for close-ups

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Simple snoot for close-ups

Post by Jbailey »

I wanted a small, high-contrast light source for close-up photography. What I decided on was making a snoot.

A snoot simply cuts off diverging light from a source to give darker and more sharp shadows. It's effect is similar to that of a spotlight but there is more light loss, while a spotlight increases brightness as it is focused to more of a spot.

I cemented three layers of photo mounting board together that were cut to fit over the lens of my flash. Then I cut a 1/4" diameter hole in the center of the stack. Next, I hot glued a length of 1/4" acrylic rod into the hole. This gave me a small diameter light source. For the snoot, I slipped a length of black electrical tubing over the rod. The tubing was a bit longer than the tubing.

This is a photo of the finished snoot. I simply attach it to the flash with a pair of rubber bands.


Here is a photo of common Toadflax lit from the back quarter using the snoot.



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Post by Aynia »

Very nice! - that's meant for the second photo. :D

First one is intriquing. One of these days I'll sit down and so some of the creative DIY kit stuff on this site. :D

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Post by Cyclops »

Very creative Jim,and I reckon you have a very high contrast light source there,great for art shots at a low magnification as in your toadflax shot!
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