Brown Long Eared Bat, Plecotus auritus

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Brown Long Eared Bat, Plecotus auritus

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This evening, my daughter, aged 9, and I went to a talk on bats by Jenny Clark, a local bat expert who runs the Sussex Bat Hospital (see, for example, ... ture.shtml). It was a fascinating evening, but photographing hand held bats with a hand held camera is not easy. This is one of the more successful shots.

In the UK bats are protected species and can only be handled by people with an appropriate licence.

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Aww... it's so cute. That big round eye...

Plenty of bats here in Sydney, big ones too.

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Lovely shot, bats are great little animals, much maligned!
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Be very careful about the prohibitions on photgraphing bats in the UK. I sugest that you document that you did so under supervision of a licenced handler.

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