Rainbow eyes - small fly

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Rainbow eyes - small fly

Post by lauriek »

This is a small fly (~4mm long, head certainly <1mm wide) with lovely rainbow eyes. Not sure if this is a small one of the 'long legged' flies, and I doubt anyone can confirm from the portrait!


Stack of around 120 images with Nikon 10x objective on OM bellows at around 1/3 extension. Stacked in Tufuse with one sub-stack for the left antenna. The right antenna was at a very dodgy angle and I do not have it in focus at all..

Possibly due to the slight crop causing a squarish ratio on the image I had to use quite a bit of jpeg compression to squeeze this under 200kb. (Possibly also something to do with the colour/complexity of the eyes on this lady!)

Here's a 100% crop from the right eye:


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Post by MacroLuv »

It looks great! :D
Seems that "Tufuse" is doing superb job.
Maybe some part of your setup is reflecting in certain pieces of compound eye? :-k
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Post by P_T »

Apart from the strangely "missing" antenna on the right, it's a great capture!!

MacroLuv is right though, I can definitely see the end of your lens reflecting off the 100% crop of the compound eye, perhaps even yourself.

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