OpenFlexure Delta Stage

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OpenFlexure Delta Stage

Post by rjlittlefield »

Here's one that had escaped my attention:
OpenFlexure Delta Stage

Recent article & video at ... s-microns/ says that the stage can provide micron-level control.

If anybody else has more information about this thing, I would be interested to hear.


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Re: OpenFlexure Delta Stage

Post by Smokedaddy »

I printed the first version. I assume this is the same thing. I posted it in the forum somewhere a year or two ago. The project has been going on for a long time. I never did complete it due to all the confusion and revisions. This is the version I screwed around with. There was a forum (of sorts) on GitHub.


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Re: OpenFlexure Delta Stage

Post by patta »

It is an interesting project, the main goal of the author is to get micron-precision adjustment out of imprecise 3D printed parts.

The stage is deformable, this is the trick; with a (metal) screw you pull it from one side, and with some leverage, the stage moves (deforms) by few microns.
Drawbacks, very short total movement, and parallelism goes a bit random.

It seems a bit too large and complicated to be 3D printed conveniently, but the idea is nice, I wish to see it implemented as a simpler, single small stage.
All is designed in OpenScad, which is very convenient for sharing and modifications.
On the same links, the author has published also a large collection of 3D models for printing, of a host of accessories: screw adapters, baffles, etc, which are great by themselves.
Anyway, machined brass still rules IMHO

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Re: OpenFlexure Delta Stage

Post by JohnDownie »

I would think that holding precision would be tough due to thermal change due to lighting, etc.

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