Unwanted movement when focussing

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Unwanted movement when focussing

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My Apex scope which I bought secondhand a few years ago is an improvement on my previous scope, but it has an issue which I can't seem to resolve. When focussing the images moves around at certain positions of the focus wheel. And when moving the stage the focus moves. Same when raising or lowering the condenser. The whole thing seems very flimsy when in use. Obviously at high magnification the slightest movement in any element affects the image and it all seems loose. Touch the iris control on the condenser and the image moves from side to side quickly.
I've removed the condenser to get to any screws but they all seem tight. I can't figure out what else it could be. But I can physically rock the stage slightly away from the body as indicated in the arrows. Its annoying, and I can't afford another scope.

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