Doli in ermine coat

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Doli in ermine coat

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I discovered a long neglected fly carcass in a collection cup. It looked like it was taking a bubble bath or wearing a white fur coat. I had placed the fly in a cup with a moist sponge to help keep it alive long enough to lay eggs. After it expired I collected the eggs and made a time lapse movie of an egg developing. I forgot about the carcass in the moist cup. But Mother Nature did not forget and seeks to recycle her own.

For the photo I used my Pentax K-01 mirror-less camera, LED lighting with a 1 second exposure time and my Minolta 5400 scanner lens on extension to yield approximately 3X magnification on the sensor. My rig is currently collecting 14 images per minute. That is a bit faster than I can process the raw images into JPG and run them through Zerene generating stereos.

About 100 images were processed with Zerene PMAX and the synthetic stereos from Zerene were tweaked with StereoPhotoMaker.



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