Venus Fly Trap vs giant Beetle

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Venus Fly Trap vs giant Beetle

Post by fisheyeadventures »

Hey everyone,
I took some really realy close-up footage of my venus flytrap this week. It got some visits from a couple of insects and a "huge" Beetle.
The beetle was really strong, who will emerge victorious?

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Post by Yawns »

Interesting .. and very nice footage too.

Beetles are really strong .. once I left a Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (those who kill the palm trees) under an upside down clay ashtray to photograph the day next .. he managed to lift the ashtray and escape during the night.
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Venus flytrap

Post by Olympusman »

That's quite a colony of Venus Flytap.
The other dfay I captured a wolf spider and thought I had put it down with ether. To prepare it for photography later, I laid it on its back and splayed the legs outward and held each leg down with a coin so the legs wouldn't crumple up as they do when a spider dies. Then I sprayed another shot of ether into a small plastic cup and placed that over the spider as a coup de gras.
The next morning when I lifted the cup, the spider was gone. I had extricated its legs from under the coins and raised the plastic cup to escape. Pretty strong spider.

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