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I came upon a small tree frog sitting in the dark on a patio plant quite by accident, and grabbed a few cell phone shots. Shortly thereafter, I noted, perhaps not coincidentally, a collection of eggs floating on the water in a nearby fountain, as well as in two standing-water containers for bog plants. Things progressed quite rapidly thereafter, although I never got to see the tadpoles lose their tails and get legs.

Day 1, eggs on surface of fountain water

Day1, Single egg, Labophot 4X

Day2--Separating from egg sac

Day3 Siblings of sorts in well slide, now full tadpoles

Day6--Growing tadpole admiring his new status in the side of a petri dish

I wasn't quite sure where to post these--they include one "in the wild", one under the microscope, and the rest "studio" macro.

Thanks for your indulgence,


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