20x Stacks: Butterfly and Moth Wing Scales

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20x Stacks: Butterfly and Moth Wing Scales

Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Ever since I acquired the 20x lens, I haven't been happy with the results. The lens is a bit decentered but that's not the problem, my lighting is just not there yet.

However, some do come close. Just need to practise more and explore more options, getting out of the infinite feedback loop of "just diffuse" was an important step.

Morpho Didius. Besides the highling on the tip of the scales, this one is closest to what I deem acceptable:

Papilio Mackii, this one is near perfect for my taste.

A couple Sunset Moth Scales:

Papilio Palinurus Daedalus Scales, probably not great but I really like it!

Blue Papilio Ulysses Scales, this one is a matter of image quality, top left portion really soft. Lighting is perfect for my taste.

Thanks for viewing!
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Post by Smokedaddy »

Excellent, all of them are very nice.

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Post by Saul »

Impressive !

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Post by abpho »

Beautiful stacks.
I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

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Post by rolsen »

The second one is really special!
- Rane

Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

I looked at your Flickr page, very beautiful. This was my favorite:

Edit: I couldn't stop looking, had to go through all the pages. Wonderful variety, a great visual pleasure.

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Post by ChrisR »

very nice results. I agree about the lighting, 100% diffusion is too flat. Optimal is very close to it though!

I like the one you liked, for the textures and detail it shows.
Chris R

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Post by Adalbert »

Hello Macro_Cosmos,
Yes, papilio maackii is the best one, well done!

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Post by Olympusman »

They all look very good to me. Nice lighting.

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Post by Geopressure »

20X is challenging for me as well, but these are gorgeous!


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Post by Beatsy »

All look great, but I like your fave best too.

It's surprising how the tiniest movement of the lighting or diffuser can make such a massive change to an image. From a flat, boring "record shot" to a high-impact, beautiful image - just by moving a light a fraction of a millimetre!

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