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Post by enricosavazzi »

DimitriKatsaros wrote:Hello,

I was wondering... being that it's been some years since this post, if you've revisited the idea of a PDF version.

It would not only be more economical and portable, but searching the tome would be a snap! :-)

Thank you
Dimitri Katsaros
Hi Dimitri,

nothing new on this front, although I have made some preliminary work for a second edition (the real work will have to wait until I retire, at the earliest in 2018). This edition most likely will have to be in electronic format because of size considerations. The second edition will be substantially larger than the first.

In the meantime, the search function on Google Books can be used. The online preview of the first edition is large, although of course not complete.

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must have

Post by Searust »

I just received my copy of Savazzi's book... While this book is a few years old at this point (2011), this is a massive trove of information. I have been sitting at work on a rainy day here and for the past few hours since the mail came, I have learned a dozen things and enhanced understanding of a dozen more.

The book is like having an expert from this website whispering over your shoulder. It has let me understand more and so far I have made a short list of things I want to buy, try, or ask someone about.

The book is not cheap, but for the price of a low end tripod I will greatly enhance my images and its usefulness as a reference is unsurpassed.

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