FAQ: How does the Frequently Asked Questions forum work?

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FAQ: How does the Frequently Asked Questions forum work?

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Welcome to our brand new FAQs forum!

This forum is a place to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Unlike our other forums, the FAQs forum is intended to stay focused and concise, with a minimum of distracting discussion.

Each topic in the FAQs forum is started by one post that provides the answer to one FAQ. Typically that answer will start out as a very brief summary plus links into existing topics elsewhere in the photomacrography.net forums. It may then evolve to be more self-contained. The title of every FAQ topic starts with "FAQ:" so that it's easily recognized when it turns up in a forum search.

The author of each starting post essentially "owns" the FAQ and its answer. He or she is responsible for:
1) periodically editing it to resolve any questions and clarifications that appear in reply postings, then
2) requesting Admin to delete any postings that have become distracting or irrelevant as a result.

As you can see, the FAQs forum will be much more heavily moderated than the other forums. Anything posted in reply to a FAQ answer is subject to deletion whenever the FAQ owner and Admin agree that the issue has been adequately addressed by the FAQ answer.

Since we've never done this before, we'll be making up the rules and procedures as we go along. "All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice." :D

The Admin Team

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