I assume this is a slime mold?

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I assume this is a slime mold?

Post by lauriek »

I found this in the garden last night, it's lots of tiny white sort of arms all growing out of a log.

Sorry the stack hasn't come out perfectly, I was in a bit of a rush as I managed to chip off a tiny bit without damaging it and brought it into my indoor setup, I just knew it wasn't going to last long in that warmth, and indeed it did not, I shot a couple of stacks, had dinner, and it was completely shrivelled when I got back to it..


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Post by g4lab »

The image has a sort of formal portait feel to it. :)
The soft haze and whiteness of the creature evokes a photo of a bride.

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Post by P_T »

One freaky bride... :-s

It looks like one of those ice sculpture to me.

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Post by Cyclops »

P_T wrote:One freaky bride... :-s
LOL, yea!
Makes me think of something Alien!
How come i never come across slime moulds?
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Post by lauriek »

Thanks guys!

Cyclops, you have to look really carefully, a lot of them are really small. I could easily have assumed this was just some sort of mould until I took a close look... Look at any dead wood you see lying around, particularly if it's sheltered and damp. And keep looking, these things can spring up and disappear in quite a short space of time.

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Yep, looks like a slime mould to me too. Probably a species of Ceratiomyxa :?: but I could be mistaken. :-k

Walter Piorkowski
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Post by Walter Piorkowski »

Nice job lauriek. It definatly is a myxo, or slime mold. Ken is right. One of the various forms taken by Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa I should think. Smart move shooting it BEFORE dinner. Walt

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