Spider for P_T

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Spider for P_T

Post by lauriek »

I think this is a crab spider... Shot a couple of weeks ago.


Stack of around 80 images, I think with Nikon 10x objective.

I remember now why I didn't post when I shot this - I wanted to clone out the web. I did some and ran out of patience.

What appears to be a stacking alignment thing at the bottom is actually a reflection where the subject is sitting on a glass slide. I couldn't make up my mind whether to chop it off - bearing in mind that would have meant losing some of the bottom of the real legs...

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Post by P_T »

OOO!! Thanks Laurie!! It looks like someone with 4 eyes, and buck teeth... until you get to the fangs :D

That's an awesome shot Laurie! and now I think I know why the middle part of the face seem to lose surface texture. It's not that they lose texture at that magnification, I think it's more to do with the light going through the skin so you're basically looking at what's under the skin.

Looks like you put two lights on either side of the spider, above and slightly behind the head ya? Since they're translucent, only a tiny bit of light is being reflected giving you textures on either side of the head where the light hits the surface.

I think placing a reflector or another light in the front of the face would solve this problem.

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Post by Aynia »

Nicest spider I've ever seen.! :D

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