Salamis parhassus

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Charles Krebs
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Salamis parhassus

Post by Charles Krebs »

This butterfly has several very small, but intricate, eye-spots on it's wings.

The top image shows one of those spots, and the lower image take a look at the white translucent scales at it's center.

Nikon M Plan 5/0.10 objective on bellows, Nikon D300


Nikon M Plan 40/0.40 SLWD objective on bellows, Nikon D300


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Post by augusthouse »

That's the stuff Charlie!

I needed that like a cold beer on a hot Summer afternoon (even though it's still Winter down here).


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Post by lauriek »

Gorgeous! The first reminds me of a shooters target..

Walter Piorkowski
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Post by Walter Piorkowski »

Charles, your lighting is always something special, in your second image the illusion of depth is very pleasing. Crisp and sharp as always. Marvelous work.

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Post by Cyclops »

Oh fantastic shots! And yes it does look like an archer's target!
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