Another male Lasius ant portrait

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Another male Lasius ant portrait

Post by lauriek »

Here's my Male flying ant portrait, I presume this is Lasius niger but as usual not 100% sure!

Square crop for composition. Stack of around 60 images, aligned in CZP, stacked in Tufuse.


Shot with E330, MF1, OM Auto bellows at around 1/2 extension, Nikon 10x microscope objective, STF22 twinflash.

Point of interest, this ant spent nearly three days in the freezer, I got it out mounted it, got everything lined up, was working on final shot settings, position tweaks and exposure when I noticed the palps moving around! So back in the freezer for another day, that seemed to do the job...

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Post by P_T »

Hi Laurie, there seems to be quite a few areas on the ant that look a bit soft like around the antennas and both corners of the mouth. Could they be stacking artifacts? I love the composition though.

Is that full 10x magnification?

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Post by nto »

light always excellent, beautiful yellow details with black.

P.S. cracks due to age ant or freezer?, I am still not very practical :D

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Post by Aynia »

This is a great one Laurie. Looks like a little alien. :D

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Post by lauriek »

Thanks all!

P_T it was only a quick stack, I could spend more time tidying it up! I would estimate that probably is around 10:1..

nto, good question! I am not sure of the answer. I've not seen this in photos of live subjects but then I've never seen a live subject at this magnification!!

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Post by acerola »

Very good angle, great photo.

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