Hornet stack

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Hornet stack

Post by lauriek »

Been a bit busy setting up the new computer for the last couple of weeks but I caught a hornet today and just had to have a quick go at stacking her!

I wasn't even sure it was a hornet when I caught it - I was on the lookout for these as I'd seen a couple earlier, then I saw this big waspy thing on a bramble flower and quickly shoved my pot over it and crammed the lid on - the only pot I have big enough to collect specimens this large is non transparent, so there I am trying to peer in through a small crack I've opened the lid and this huge buzzing and bits of bug sticking out, I got scared and put the lid back on when I could, and stuck it in the freezer, checked a couple of hours later and YES it was a hornet!! :)


Shot with E330, OM Bellows, OM50/1.8 reversed at f5.6. Stack of 79 images aligned with CZP and stacked with Tufuse.

I was still a bit scared shooting it in case it woke up and attacked me!! ;)
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Post by augusthouse »

This is superb!
Subject, background, technique, stack depth, clarity and impact. Gorgeous!

*There is some mysterious loss of detail just below the 'nose' area (I don't know what the correct term is for that part) and a few watermarks on the eyes. The droplets could have been 'wicked' off with the point of a tissue. Just an observation and I don't think it matters given consideration of the subject matter - this is a great shot.

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Post by Aynia »

Great photo laurie, and I certainly don't know where to look for blemishes. It's a perfect portrait just the way it is.

Michigan Michael
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Post by Michigan Michael »

Excellent, Laurie!

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Post by dmillard »

Nice image - I especially like the contrast between the crisply focused subject and the gentle transition into the background.

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Post by lauriek »

Thanks all! I was certainly pleased when this popped out of Tufuse!

Craig, that's some good eyeballs you have, I didn't think anyone (except possibly Rik!) would notice the slight mush under the 'nosepiece' or whatever it is called, when resized for web!! :)

I did wait quite a while for the condensation to disappear, I did one stack when it was covered in droplets, that came out badly, I then waited a while until it got to this stage, but those last few drops would not disappear!

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Post by Gérard-64 »

As always:Splendid!

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Post by beetleman »

Excellent stack laurie. On a grasshopper, the front lip is called a "Labrum" but I am not sure if this goes over to hornets. Very sharp and crisp detail.
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