Olympus Vanox AHBT3 for Sale

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Olympus Vanox AHBT3 for Sale

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Hi all,
I want to contact you because I want to sell my Olympus Vanox AHBT3 that I bought from a clinic some years ago.
It would devastate me to dismantle this beauty to gain profit from it online, It would give me pleasure to know that someone gives it a new life.
It's in perfect working condition and kept in a controlled environment for 5 years now.

So this is a serious call to anyone who is willing to pay the right price to sell it. I bought it for the price of a new car back then.
You can contact me on messenger for a serious offer https://www.facebook.com/groups/2545390 ... 365822833/

AH2-NAS Nomanski Deferential Interference Contrast (A2-NA Analyzer)
AH3-6RE Motorized Sextople revolving nosepiece
AH2·NAS Nomarski Differential lnterference Contrast Attachment (A2-NS Slider)
AH2·##### (AH2-AST) Aperture Iris Diaphragm Unit


DPlanApo10UV 0.40 160/0.17
DPlanApo20UV 0.70 160/0.17
DPlanApo40UV 0.85 160/0.11-0.23
DPlanApo100UV 1.3oil 160/0.17
HI PlanApo 100/1.3

I live in Belgium
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