Fingerprint ... off a mites back!

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Fingerprint ... off a mites back!

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It was late in the evening and I'd lost any semblance of light but even so, I spotted this subject coming down a pacific cottonwood. The subject took refuge in the coarse bark but I was determined to capture some evidence. I pressed the objective against the bark spanning over the subject and fired a few sample shots using a snoot to direct some light awkwardly towards the subject. I realised that I had the subject within the range of focus so I kept shooting just out of curiosity. The following are two full crops showing the lens setup clearly resolving the pattern of the cuticle (edit) and indicating small barbs on the setae. This was more than I expected but maybe I'm not expecting enough.

I believe the subject was a long legged velvet mite but I wouldn't want to guess the classification beyond that. The lens was a TU Plan 10x mounted on either a 100 or 135mm tube lens but I don't recall which (I took these three years ago). The camera was an Olympus E-PL5.
Finger Print.01.jpg
Finger Print.02.jpg

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