Closterium with nikon CFN 40/0.70 and Diatom with CF Apo 40/1.0 Oil

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Closterium with nikon CFN 40/0.70 and Diatom with CF Apo 40/1.0 Oil

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Isolating diatoms from muddy water samples if proving difficult, I could manage to isolate this banana shaped diatom (Edit: Closterium, not diatom);
Nikon CFN 40/0.70 on a olympus BHT microscope using a Nikon SC 10x eyepiece as a 1.7x photo eyepiece (as shown here) and Sony NEX-5N camera, no cropping.

Until I find a better solution is what I will use when I need to fill the frame, a m4/3 maybe would be the best option to crop the corner without adding further optics)
Is a stack of 15 images, but retouched from individual frames as the insides were moving (the small black things on the tips were moving very fast, what are they?) and also to remove CAs as much as possible


The fine lines shown on the 2400px come from not properly cleaning the slide, I would say.

And also my first stack with an Oil lens, Nikon CF PlanApo 40/1.0 Oil on a Olympus BHT via direct projection; some cropping, around 15%

Those little thing (what are they? were happily buzzing around, all these "big" size diatoms have them wandering around.

The CF PlanApo certainly has a Wow effect when visualizing, eager tho try the CFN PlanApos

Full size


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