FOUND one each Nikon (M25) and Mity (M26) objective holder

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FOUND one each Nikon (M25) and Mity (M26) objective holder

Post by physicsmajor »

Picked up a few new objectives and they didn't all come with plastic holders/cases/protectors. These are pretty easy to find for RMS threading, but harder for Nikon and really hard for Mity. I thought I stumbled across a surplus dealer that had stock of the Mity OEM holders, before receiving my 10x, but cannot find them again.

I'm currently looking for one of each.

Thorlabs sells them but it'd be about $35 each, theirs do look nice with brass inserts but I figured I'd try here first.

Anyone have some lying around unused? I'd happily pay up to about $15 each, shipped. Or point me in the right direction.
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Post by Chris S. »

You might check out item 192586530673 on eBay, and be aware of the search phrase "objective vials" (not entirely intuitive), which locates this and other listings.

The shipping cost on these can be a bit high, so one may want to buy a number of vials to make it reasonable. Some time ago, I purchased enough from this vendor to see me through my next few objective purchases.

I suspect the tolerances are loose enough to work for both Mitutoyo and Nikon M26 threads. But the vendor also has other models, including item 192586530675, "Objective vials--large M26".

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

I have some plastic ones from a supplier in China, good quality but I'm in Australia.

Thorlabs ones are really good. Otherwise you'll have to dig around to find local sellers. Most are from China.

The ones I like: ... 4192162398

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