TSMC Photomask (Taiwan)

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TSMC Photomask (Taiwan)

Post by Macro_Cosmos »

These are used to make wafers, usually destroyed and disposed afterwards so obviously no one can just duplicate the chips.

Sad since they are lovely when photographed.

Here's shooting info/equipment:

Nikon Rayfact OFM20119MN lens, or the Printing-Nikkor 95mm F2.8 at 2x, retro.

This could be a nice resolution tester, for also CA and the such, but they are extremely scarce. Not many make it out of the factories.

PM me if you have a photomask for the Intel i9-9900k, i9-10900k, or the AMD Threadripper series. I'll take it... :D :D :D
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Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

Wouldn't the details of this be five to ten times coarser than the detail on the chip itself? I would think the chip would be a better resolution target than the mask, at least for higher magnifications.

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