A book review of interest to amateur microscopists...

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A book review of interest to amateur microscopists...

Post by twebster »

Hi y'all :!:

Steve Neeley (psneeley) has written a brief book review of interest to our amateur microscopy members. We all know how difficult it can be to identify many microorganisms. The book Steve reviewed, I'm sure, will be a valued reference to all amateur microscopists. And the best part...it is darned inexpensive :!: :D

Read Steve's review HERE.

Thanks a bunch, Steve. :D
Tom Webster

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Bob Ballantyne
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Post by Bob Ballantyne »

The greatest protozoology text ever written is by Richard Kudo and has the simple title Protozoology. In spite of its original publication date of 1931, but up dates for over 30 years since then, the drawings and extent of coverage is unparalled. Just google the title and author and you'll find editions at Amazon and other places for around $30 USD +/-.

The Picture Key Nature Series "How To Know The Protozoa" by T.L. Jahn is much smaller, but still a good source.

Bob B

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Post by brentbristol »

The fourth edition, (1954), of Protozoology by Richard Kudo appears to be available at no charge at

https://ia902706.us.archive.org/22/item ... 54kudo.pdf

There is a fifth edition (1977).
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Post by balahormiga »

Yes- I have the 5th edition. Beautiful book.

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