check before stack ?

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check before stack ?

Post by Adalbert »

Hello everyone,
Is there any tool for the checking of the quality of a set of photographs?
I’m asking for that, because I had a problem with the stacking-software yesterday.
One picture (of ca.100) was unexposed, because one flash didn’t fire.
I didn’t’ realize that and started the stacking. So, the result was not really good :-(
Then I analyzed every picture, removed the unexposed one and started the stacking again.
This time everything was OK.
BR, Adi

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Post by BugEZ »


You ask if there is any tool for checking a stack of photographs...

On my Windows based PC I usually preview the stack with an image browser such as Media Player so I can select where to start and stop the stack. Improperly exposed images can also be easily detected with a quick viewing of the image folder in Explorer with "large icons" displayed.

I recommend sorting the root cause of the flash failure. A lot of your time and energy goes into a composite image and you want it to be well spent!

Kind regards,


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Same here, except that I use either a basic Windows Explorer window usually with "Large" icons, or the Lightroom thumbnails mode.

On a related topic, using the Windows Explorer window also lets me use drag-and-drop to get files into Zerene Stacker.

It is rare that I use File > Add File(s) from the Zerene Stacker menus, because the Explorer window gives me better ability to see both thumbnails and other file attributes such as timestamp.


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Post by Adalbert »

Hello Keith, hello Rik,
OK, up to yesterday I have ever checked the pictures in this way you mentioned
but yesterday I didn’t notice that one was improperly exposed :-)
Bye, Adi

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Post by Bushman.K »

There are different ways to visually check images (for example, you can use free IrfanView in thumbnail mode in addition to those tools mentioned above).

But there is no simple way to check images automatically because of how diverse they are.
In general case, image statistics (histogram shape and used colors, for example) should change smoothly from image to image, but in certain circumstances value of error can easily be comparable with value of regular difference between the frames.

I can probably imagine some relatively simple workflow, where ImageMagick might be used to extract histograms in numerical form and GNUPlot will visualize them together as 3D surface or "fence plot", but I don't think it will be effective.

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Post by Adalbert »

Hello Bushman,
In my case the biggest problem of the visual check are my eyes :-)
BR, Adi

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