Nikon 40X 0.55 LWD

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Nikon 40X 0.55 LWD

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The lens looks like this:

It slides cylindrically, setting that way the thickness of the glass that should be placed above it. That has the option to set it in the range of 0 to 2 mm.
It requires a tube lens of 160 mm.
As you can see I`ve placed the glass thickness in the "0" position (that should adjust the lens to act like as it has no glass above it).
  • If I`ll use the Raynox 150 DCR setup (which places the objective (almost) 160 mm away from the sensor what would be the outcome (in terms of magnification)?

  • If I decide to use the Sigma LSA, what should be the distances of the setup?

  • I intend to use the IT-200 too, so an equation, or something like it, would be very handy :wink:

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Re: Nikon 40X 0.55 LWD

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Surely that is a finite Nikon CF objective which should be used with a 150mm empty tube. See: ... 29&t=12147

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Re: Nikon 40X 0.55 LWD

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I can't answer your questions directly. But I can say that a priori the BEST way of adapting this lens is to use it without a tube lens of any kind. Just an empty, flocked tube with a length of 150 mm to the sensor will give you the best results.

Adding a tube lens will change the working distance of the objective and that will likely reduce its image quality. Sometimes using a finite tube length (160 mm) objective with a tube lens can work but normally it's not worth it unless you really have to use a tube lens to accommodate your sensor size.

If you want to do the calculations, a 40:1 160mm achromat will have a nominal focal length of around 4 - 4.7 mm.

Regards, Ichty

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