My DIY is reborn again

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My DIY is reborn again

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A long time ago someone asked about a guided camera mount for doing macro and I showed a simple wooden construction with drawer guides, which I was using then and was building for my friends. I remember that it generated a somewhat unpleasant controversy about its quality ...

Here... viewtopic.php?f=25&t=19731

In recent times I have been busy because I must go to work as a photographer in Germany (by the way, someone near Halle around here?) And I needed a support for my camera to certain images not too small but that I cannot solve with a single photo. So I retrieved one of those wooden stands, attached a PaP motor to it, and a friend built me ​​control electronics. To check the quality of movement, I added a milesimal gauge. The result is surprising. It far exceeds the performance of my old StackShot and I can use my x40 lens that was above my StackShot! The Solomonic decision was that there is now a wooden camera guide in my studio and the StackShot will travel with me to Germany.

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