extreme f-stop

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extreme f-stop

Post by NikonUser »

Currently I am running a 40w black-light moth trap in my garden and photographing some of the species caught for posting on BugGuide.
I need a quick-and dirty photographing system as I may get 50 live moths each morning. No niceties such as stacking.
So, 1 shot for each moth using 1 flash.
To get a decent working distance and a decent quality image of the micros with maximum depth of field I found this setup to work well:

Nikon D610 (full frame) + PN11 tube (52.5 mm) + PN11 tube + Nikon 200 mm macro (gives 1:1 image by itself) + Nikon 5T closeup lens
The FOV at maximum magnification = 13 mm; FOV for this moth = 23 mm. Image quality just as good at maximum magnification.
Camera set at 1/200 sec and f/32.

I am pleasantly surprised at the image quality considering the insane effective f-stop

Top image: full-frame of a White-triangle Clepsis (Clepsis persicana)
Bottom: image suitable for BugGuide posting, note the acceptable clarity of the wing scales (there is no interest in pixel-peeping!)
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Re: extreme f-stop

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Very interesting. I can't tell you the number of times that 'mass contributors' to BugGuide have provided a critical means for me to identify insects, including various "little brown moths" that I come across. As long as I can get a candidate family, I can generally get an ID in BG from pictures that were no doubt taken from a light trap. That resource is simply incredible. Thank you for your help!
I am currently working on getting a UV light set up to attract insects as well. It would probably need to run on AC via extension cords for now. Maybe later on a car battery. I am reluctant to use a generator b/c of the noise.
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Re: extreme f-stop

Post by JKT »

MarkSturtevant wrote:
Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:38 am
I am reluctant to use a generator b/c of the noise.
I don't know just how silent you'd want, but the quality units have pretty low noise levels. My Honda EU10 won't bother anyone 100 m away. Admittedly good battery and LEDs would be a very nice combination.

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