Retouch in Helicon

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Retouch in Helicon

Post by soldevilla »

Is anyone using Helicon here? I keep doing 3D tests even though it seems that the result is not enough for what I want to achieve.

I have tried the retouch with Helicon and I do something wrong, but I cannot locate where I am wrong. When I paint in an area to copy image of the source I get not a perfectly integrated zone but an area formed by points and I don't know how to get that smooth surface like the one I get with Zerene.

Anyone have a trick in their sleeve?

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Post by rjlittlefield »

In retouch mode, look for a checkbox that says something like "Details only" or "Texture only". Putting a check in that box may help.

If you still have troubles, please post a crop of your image, showing us exactly what you mean by "an area formed by points".


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