Full Frame vs. APS-C Sensor - Do you really need to upgrade

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Full Frame vs. APS-C Sensor - Do you really need to upgrade

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Hey everyone,
I was considering for months to buy a full frame camera body. That's why I borrowed a similar full frame body (same amount of megapixels, same focal length) to compare it to my a 6300 showing it's benefits and disadvantages. Although I think the APS-C, together with the "sony fe 90mm f2.8 macro g oss", works really great in most situations, I decided to preorder the sony alpha 7 iv to be more flexible with my video projects. Especially the greater dynamic range (I did not focus on in this video), animal eye focus and the possibility to 240MP image resolution have made the difference. Which camera bodies are you using and why? In this video I am explaining the differences by pointing out all the benefits and disadvantages (focussing on Macro Photography):

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