Exposure changes in Stack

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Exposure changes in Stack

Post by Brandontmyers »


I have noticed this happening a lot lately in my stacks. I am using two speedlights, if that has any bearing.

When I finish my stack, I will scroll through all of my photos. One picture will have a small amount of brighter exposure, while the next will be darker. This happens throughout the stack, alternating between a little lighter and a little darker.

Nothing is changing during this time, and the time between photos is usually about 3 seconds or so. Could this be the White Balance? I usually have it set to either flash or a preconfigured WB.

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Post by dmillard »

This sounds as though the flashes may not be fully charged prior to each exposure. If you are using small flash units powered by AA batteries, you may need to use fresh batteries, and wait considerably longer than 3 seconds for them to fully recharge. Alternatively, you may wish to use an AC adapter to recycle the flashes more reliably.

I use ancient Vivitar 283 flashes, bought used on eBay, and they provide relatively consistent exposures when used with an AC adapter and a recycling time of 15 seconds. They may recycle more quickly than that, but I haven't felt the need to test them.

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