Tube Flocking

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Tube Flocking

Post by ohdeeremee »

Tube Flocking

I was calibrating a new 4x objective from MJKZZ to compare to my Nikon 4x. I just happened to focus on one of my backgrounds, and since there have been several articles about flocking tube lens and extensions, I thought I would post a couple of pictures for comparison.


Image GMK_7054-7088 ZS DMap.jpg
This is the Hobby Lobby Black Easy Felt SKU 336057 material at 6.7X. These fibers, what ever they are, are quite reflective. This material also comes in other colors if you need for using as a background material, but I would not want to put it in an extension tube as anti-reflective flocking!


Image GMK_7089-7123 ZS DMap.jpg
This is the Doodlebug Beetle Black cardstock at 6.7X. Some reflections on the fibers, but not as much as the black felt. Note the odd colored fibers intermixed in here.

For background:
These are quick and dirty stacks of about 34 images each, no cleanup on them. The setup is a vertical rig, with 4 flashes at the corners, pointing up at about 45 degrees with diffusers on them. They flash onto a wrinkled aluminum foil surface on the top, and all four sides also have the aluminum foil for reflection and diffusion. Nikon D300s with a 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 zoom and the microscope objective. This gives me about 3.5x to 6.7x magnification, with some vignette at 3.5x.


Image GMK_503_4776.jpg
My Vertical rig, with the top reflector and side panels as I would have it set up for a shoot.


Image GMK_503_4777.jpg
Just pulled the top reflector and a side panel off to peek inside the diffuser panels. The blue & orange gooseneck is a 3W LED (I have 4 of them) for when I want to do continuous lighting, or do the focusing setup on the subject. On the Proxxon Compound Table, you can see the black felt strip (SKU 336057) from Hobby Lobby, and on it a circle cut out from the Doodlebug Beetle Black cardstock.

I have used the Doodlebug stock on the back of the step-down (RMS to 67mm) which is where the circle on the compound table came from. I have extension tubes, but just use a bellows instead, so have not tried lining an extension tube with either material. The Doodlebug stock cost about $5 a sheet, and the Black Easy Felt was $0.99 a sheet.


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Post by dmillard »

Very interesting comparison! In case you missed it, Rik Littlefield previously posted some very persuasive images of the Doodlebug Beetle Black cardstock here: ... =doodlebug

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Post by mawyatt »

They've increased the price a bit for Beetle Black, think I paid about $2 a sheet. Beetle Black has loose fibers, be sure to roll it with a lint remover before using.

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