Adapter--Mitutoyo: is RMS the same as M26 x 36tpi?

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Adapter--Mitutoyo: is RMS the same as M26 x 36tpi?

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I got a fair deal on a what appears to be a very nice Mitutoyo objective lens,

"M Plan APO 2x / 0.055
? / 0 f=200"

Thread outside diameter is 25.98mm; it does not fit the thread in my 'C' to 52mm nor 'C' to 'F mount' adapters. I saw in one forum-thread here that this Mitutoyo thread is probably M26 x 36tpi (a 26mm thread?)

Another forum-thread links to this adapter, ... 0436592235

Yet another forum-thread shows near-micrographs with the conclusion that the Mitutoyo M26 x 36tpi thread is the same as RMS (from memory, Royal Microscope Screw(thread)? )

Would like to try this objective on the front of my nice Nikkor 200 f/4.0 AI lens. It has a 52mm filter thread, so I need to find an adapter that fits directly to 52mm (and possibly one to my zoom, 77mm or another lens at 72mm).

Is RMS interchangeable with M26x36? That would add instant flexibility to shopping options.
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