[Sold] Nikon Eclipse 90i Frame and Prior Stage $4600.00 US

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[Sold] Nikon Eclipse 90i Frame and Prior Stage $4600.00 US

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I'm sorry to have to sell my super hi-tech microscope but retirement plans and downsizing requries me to adapt to a more portable microscope system and this 90i is a beast.

More pics are here:

https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-business- ... 1670805294

I have accumulated brochures, service and instruction manuals for the device in pdf format.

I purchased the frame and Prior stage in 2016 from a fellow member of this forum and I have repaired and augmented the system significantly since the purchase.

All components needed to assemble a complete operational microscope frame are present. Components have been tested and the mainboard backup battery was replaced in June 2023.

Objectives and oculars are not included but I can help with selecting good eBay options or I can sell my items at additional cost.

The Nikon Digital Imaging Head was purchased as new old stock (NOS) in 2016. There are no cubes in the fluorescent turret and there is no fluorescent light source. I have a home made UV light source adapted to the Nikon light port and againa I can sell a UV cube if interested.

This machine is one of the few microscopes that allows a combination of DIC and UV imaging for beautiful images.

I have the Nikon polarizing analyser slider available as well. No other DIC or polarizing equipment in the price.

A zipped version of the Nikon original iControl USB SW is also included with instructions to run on Win 10/11 machines.

I have a copy of the Nikon SDK which allows remote automated control of the microscope using Visual Studio, Python etc.

90i Main Body CNTR Substage MBA77000
6 Position Intelligent DIC Nosepiece MBP78300
D-PS 90I Power Supply MBF72050
Precentered Lamphouse MBF7220
D-CH 90I Condenser Holder MBC7900
D-DH Digital Imaging Head 30/70 MDB76201
C Box 2 MBF75410
D-CUD_E Motorized Uni Condenser Dry MBL78500
D-NF-E 90i Motorized ND Filter Unit MBN77900
90i Power Supply Cable NA
90i AC Power Cable NA
iControl SW install package iControl v2.03

Prior ProScan II Motorized Stage H101A
Prior ProScan II H130 Controller H30V4
Prior Stage Insert for 1 X 3 SLIDE H224LP
Joystick Control for XY System 500-CS152V2
25 pin DSUB Cable for Prior NA (Not Factory)

(2) Eico Replacement Halogen Bulbs
Spare Backup Battery
Nikon Original Instruction manuals /Brochures in pdf
DSC_0065 2.jpg
Nikon Eclipse 90i Blackmagic 4K studio camera Nikon D5300

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