Anniversary: 7 years since joining

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Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by Beatsy »

With a bit of luck, this post has appeared exactly 7 years, to the minute, since I joined this forum. It's when my journey into extreme macro began in earnest and a significant anniversary given its importance to "my recreational time" - also known as "my life" since retiring :D

I had already been dabbling in photography and photomicrography for a few years and was aware of macro photography when I joined. My first purchase, after getting a Canon 5d2 (with kit lens) for my microscope, was a 100mm macro. My interests had been wholly observational up until then (except astro-imaging for a while, which kind-of started the change), but I became mega-hooked on photo[macro/micro]graphy from this point on, and even more so now!

It was around then that I came across the work of Charles Krebs and Wim von Egmund too, here and through Nikon Small Worlds. I was spellbound by their jaw-dropping images and the standard of their work became a goal. I wanted to produce images of that quality and continually sought out their images and writings for any tips or crumbs of info I could glean while I "strived". Bet you didn't know you were being "hero-worshipped" and stalked, did you guys?

Here I am 7 years on and my work has improved. Super help from the generous people on this forum of course, and lots of try-fail-try-again on my part, but I have better skills than I did and my various, complementary specialities are (at last) meshing into a coherent whole. I may even have some kind of exhibition in me yet (another aspiration). It's true I could have improved my photography skills much faster, but I really enjoy tinkering with the many related distractions that crop up in this game, so I'm content with my progress - considering.

Of course, Charlie and Wim didn't stand still. They improved too and remain distant dots on my aspirational horizons! Gits! But that's a great thing really - not a negative. Just like it was when I started out here, there is *still* an infinite road of learning, improving, and things to see stretching ahead of me. I've found it gets even *more* enjoyable and wonder-inducing as you gain knowledge and skills too. An unexpected but very welcome bonus because things that become familiar and routine (no matter how "cool") also become deeply, deeply boring to me! Ain't this hobby grand!?

A few recent handheld "garden" macros for decoration. Flies...

A fly...

A hungry fly...

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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by Beatsy »

...and in my haste to hit the "deadline", I forgot the most important thing. A big "thank you" to Rik and the admins, and to everyone who contributes to this site. You're a huge part of what makes the journey so enjoyable!

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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by Sumguy01 »

Thanks for sharing your photos over the years.
I think your work is first class.
It has been fun watching you fine tune and improve your skills over the years.

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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by grgh »

Congratulations on seven years training? hope you give many more years of your work to us.
Inspirations also come from the great images and explanation of your working practice, thank you.
used to do astronomy.
and photography.
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Lou Jost
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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by Lou Jost »

We've all learned a lot from you, thanks for sharing your path of discoveries. You are the master of incident light!

Chris S.
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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by Chris S. »


Seven really good years.

When I look at your images, I always expect and see a display of meticulous craftsmanship and vision that is both distinctly individual and compelling. When I read your words, I find them thoughtful and informative.

Thanks for all you've added so far. Here's hoping for many more good years.

--Chris S.

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Re: Anniversary: 7 years since joining

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Excellent pictures, as always. As you have learned from others, I have been learning from you. Not stalking, exactly...
Mark Sturtevant
Dept. of Still Waters

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