Robert OToole

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Robert OToole

Post by ChrisR »

We heard the shocking news today that Robert is being held in a coma after suffering a heart attack.

I can part-quote Chris Slaybaugh : for a forum member so relentlessly intent on giving of himself to our forum, it seems hugely and incredibly appropriate to ask for good wishes for him, and his wife Tatyana.

The latest is an SMS from Tatyana saying "We are still fighting now!".
I'm certain all forum members are longing for good news.
Chris R

Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

Very much so, Chris. Robert is one of the most generous contributors to this forum, and a kind person in real life as well. I am so sorry this happened and I hope he will pull through unharmed. If anyone does hear any news, I hope you will post it here.

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Post by dolmadis »

Robert is a friend and a mentor to me and no doubt many others and I wish him a speedy recovery.



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Post by lonepal »

I am very sorry to hear that :(

I hope he gets well soon.

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Post by zzffnn »

Robert, I hope you win your fight and have a speedy recovery! We all admire your great work. However, please take some rest first and foremost, don't push yourself too much.

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Post by Adalbert »

Robert, get well soon!

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Post by mawyatt »


You are a Icon here and we are all thinking and praying for your speedy and full recovery.

Best Regards,

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Post by Yawns »

When I saw the post title I knew it wouldn't be anything good..
Wishing him and his family the best.
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Post by dmillard »


Thank you for the generosity with which you have shared your insights and information.

I hope you have a rapid recovery.

Best wishes,

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Post by grgh »


Wishing you and family, a positive recovery.

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Post by NNL33543 »

My first post. I met Robert at Fort Desoto many years ago. Very friendly and helpful guy. I visited his closeup photography site frequently and he has been hugely helpful. I pray for his full recovery. My regards to his family.

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Post by ChrisR »

Robert is still being held in a coma. We shall not know what lies ahead until he's brought out.
Chris R

Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

Thanks for the update Chris.

Chris S.
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Post by Chris S. »

Tatyana just posted some good news on Facebook:
  • Robert has battled his way back 6 hours ago, we had a very rough tough day, he recognized most faces, names, but still some memory loss ( he has been in a very crazy sedation!!), his speech needs to get back to normal, walking etc.

    All we know so far, his vitals and some test are good, still many more to go

    I'm exhausted, but I'm the happiest right now!!

    More details later

    Thank you everyone for your help, support!

    Robert and I are blessed to have all of you in life!!!

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Post by rolsen »

Get well soon Robert! Love and strength to the family in this difficult time.
- Rane

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