And the saga continues . . .

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And the saga continues . . .

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I think the idea that Kodak somehow just missed the digital revolution and "if only someone looked ahead..." as the video says is just one of those myths and easy stories.

The truth is Kodak was right at the front on digital and saw the writing on the wall. Very early on (early 90s) they had a facility in LA for digitizing movies. It was visionary, but pretty limited. Pretty much just Kodak and Lucasfilm for quite a while.

And they had very early digital cameras too. And were right at the front of the field in digitizing film negatives for pros.

That they weren't able to exploit their position or make up for the humungous loss of their traditional business is clear. But the Why is not a simple Luddite fable.

It's nice, though, that people are still trying to salvage what's still worthwhile at the company.
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