Red Flour Beetle

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Red Flour Beetle

Post by morgan »

I was passed this tiny beetle to ID. Several were found in a medical factory clean room causing problem.
It turned out to be a Red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.

Took this photo using a ping-pong ball defuser. Not too sure of the results.


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Looks pretty good to me! What aspect of the results are you not too sure about?


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Post by acerola »

Wow, I like the shape of the head and eyes. Good work.

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Post by lauriek »

No stacking artefacts obvious at this size that I can see. Perhaps post a 100% crop if there's a particular bit you're not happy with?

I like the colour, and the exposure is good..

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Post by P_T »

Hmm... I think the lighting is a bit too even and adding the grey background, it makes the image look kinda flat. Other than that, it looks pretty darn good.

I have a question though... Sometime I see |______1mm_______| in an image here, how do you guys find out the exact scale?
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Post by microcollector »


I use a Meiji EMZ-5TR scope for my mineral photography. The zoom range is from .7 to 4.5. At each of the numbered zoom increments I have determined how many millimeters the horizontal field of is. I place a millimeter scale on the stage, go to live view and record the FOV for each setting. In Photoshop, I add a scale bar that represents 1/4 of the FOV.

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Post by P_T »

Thanks for the explanation Doug! I'll give it a go later tonight.

Walter Piorkowski
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Post by Walter Piorkowski »

Very nice image morgan. The eye is most interesting. Walt

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