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Feels like a long time since I posted anything. So here are a few pictures I took this past week - playing around with getting an efficient coaxial illumination setup working.

I believe this is an early era lab grown diamond although I cannot say for certain at the moment. Have to find the box I put both my 255nm and 365nm lights in, will update once I find them.

Setup: Single White Lightning x1600 flash funneled down to a doublet -> then fed through to half mirror for coax lighting. (Yes the beam is technically converging)
Nikon D780
Nikon MM-5x
Stack of 10 images each.

Viewing angle is from the crown down through to the cullet (bottom point.) Couldn't for the life of me get the outside edges to stack and look right, nor the cullet itself. Maybe a shorter working distance objective would have worked better. Whatever cement was used is abysmal - I think superglue has fewer bubbles/junk in it.
Angled at 4-5 degrees off axis.
Switching from a doublet to a APO triplet would have likely yielded less aberrations, but I didn't have one large enough to try it with.

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Re: Diamonds

Post by Scarodactyl »

It doesn't matter hwo good your lens is, when you shoot through diamond you have a bunch of high RI high dispersion material between your lens and the subject. Aberrations are unavoidable. Neat view!

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