Scrutinyite and spider webs

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Scrutinyite and spider webs

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This represents several firsts - my first stack made with my new Mitu 10x objective, first stacking of 2021. The rare mineral scrutinyite, a form of PbO2, was named by those clever mineralogists because of the scrutiny needed to view the very small crystals.

Top image FOV about 0.5 mm horizontal, red-brown flakes of scrutinyite on clear quartz crystals, a result of stacking 70 images with 0.005 mm steps, processed with ZS P-max and a bit of PS for color balance correction.

Bottom image, FOV about 0.8 mm, spider webs on scrutineyite, on quartz and accompanied by aqua-colored aurichalcite, 80 images, 0.005 mm steps, P-max, minor PS - and too complex to remove the #$%@ webs.

Full scale images available at

In post script, the image quality of the Mitu 10x is way better than my old Nikon 10x - no need to try to correct for CA, etc.
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