First Post-Fire Stack

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First Post-Fire Stack

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As some of you know, I was forced to move last year by a catastrophic (visible from space) fire in the condominium being built next door to my apartment.

While I'm literally still unpacking (can't even get bookshelves from IKEA on a reliable basis), I have managed to get my much shrunken (and more efficient) macro rig back in operation over the last few days. I'll have pictures and descriptions in the coming days.

This image is just a small paperclip selected as the handiest subject available. I also wanted to see if my current diffusion mechanism would handle the reflective surface which is always a problem.

Canon 80D (first serious macro shots with it)
Pentax(?) bellows
Amscope 4x finite objective
Wemacro (controlled by a Samsung tablet) on 80/20 profile, mounted on a steel plate
3 Flashpoint 300 studio strobes

Stacked with Photoshop Elements 2019 and Zerene Stacker.
X_Cropped_2021-04-19-02.39.09 ZS PMax.jpg
Shrunk_Cropped_2021-04-19-02.39.09 ZS PMax.jpg

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