Small hymenoptera

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Small hymenoptera

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There is a very large selection of small flying insect species.
In the vernacular they are often called mosquitoes, even if they do not bite.
Body length 7 mm.

Here a specimen with 7mm body length, which I found dead on a leaf, on the abdomen there were already mushroom threads visible.

Image ... vPEyGo.jpg
Kamera: Nikon D500
Objektiv: Laowa 25mm F 2.8, 2.5-5X Ultra Macro
Belichtungszeit: Blitz
Blende: 2.8
ISO: 100
Beleuchtung: 4 Blitzgeräte
Diffusor: Weisses Schreibpapier
Aufnahmedateiformat (RAW/JPG): RAW
Beschnittsbetrag in % (Breite u. Höhe): 0, 0
Stativ: Reprostand
Artenname: Hymenoptera
Multishot-Technik: Stack
Stacking Software / - Methode: Zerene Stacker / PMax
Abbildungsmassstab: 4.5:1
Objektseitige Bildbreite (mm): 5.2
Stacktiefe (mm): 4.5
Anzahl Stackschritte: 297
Durchschnittliche Stackschrittgrösse (mm) mit Cognisys StackShot: 0.015

Image detail
Image ... UiSGNR.jpg

With nail polish on needle,
here you can see the mushroom threads on the abdomen


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