Glass on glass (on glass)

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Glass on glass (on glass)

Post by Beatsy »

A diatom mounted directly on a sand grain which, in turn, is mounted on the end of a 1mm optical fibre. The *only* light in the scene was transmitted up through the sand grain via the fibre (with a Schott halogen light source shining down the other end).

200 shot DMap stack, 50x Mitty on 135mm tube lens for 33x onto FF running in APS-C crop mode. FoV is <0.4mm wide.


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Post by grgh »

Very nice shot, and I find the lighting very good, and the "idea" well done for that one.
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Lou Jost
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Post by Lou Jost »

Very dramatic, and as usual you avoid the common micro-photo artefacts, so that there is no clue about the size of the object. That could be a diatom or a big glass bowl on display in a fancy store.

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Post by Sumguy01 »

:smt038 Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.
Glad your back posting pics again.

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Post by dolmadis »

Very nice Steve.


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Post by Bob-O-Rama »

"Now your just showing off!" Which is a good thing, very clever and I assume very tricky to pull off.

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Post by Pau »

Very very nice image!. A pleasure to see you resuming your work with diatoms
A diatom mounted directly on a sand grain which, in turn, is mounted on the end of a 1mm optical fibre...
I can't imagine how to do it.
Did you place any liquid or solid media for light transmission between fiber-sand grain-diatom?

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Post by JH »

Very nice!
Best regards
Jörgen Hellberg
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Post by abpho »

Nice work Beatsy. A very interesting lighting approach. :D
I'm in Canada! Isn't that weird?

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