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Post by Guppy »

Spore capsule on the leaf underside of a fern.
Nikon D810; MITUTOYO M Plan Apo 10X/0.28 ∞/0 f=200; Zerene Stacker / PMax


Picture excerpt



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Post by TSPhoto »

Great subject and photo quality, I really like the color palette
I'm here to find and record those blithey toves.
2016: still true, would like to see them
Gyre and Gimbal

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Post by nanometer »

Beautifully lit, and what an interesting subject. Seeing the structures makes me want to learn more about them.

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Post by Sumguy01 »

:smt038 Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.

Chris S.
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Kurt, very nice images of one of my favorite subjects. Guessing the spores aren’t yet ripe, and the yellow color will change when they ripen?
nanometer wrote:Seeing the structures makes me want to learn more about them.
They are well worth learning about. When the spores inside those spherical cases ripen, the striped stem-like structure will catapult them wildly about. There are some videos of this, but a short search just now did not bring up any good ones.

TSPhoto, isn’t it slithy toves you’re searching for? These are the ones that gyre and gimble, according to Lewis Carroll. Do shun the frumious Bandersnatch while your about it! ;)

--Chris S.

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