Myrmica ants in a clinch - focus stack

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Myrmica ants in a clinch - focus stack

Post by geddy »

I think ants of the Myrmica genus are highly photogenic. This setup took a lot of patience while fiddling with tiny needles...really can drive you crazy.

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Eric F
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Post by Eric F »

Ouch!! Great photo!

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Post by Pau »

Great detail and illumination, almost darkfield. I like it a lot. But both the black background and unnatural light may prevent IMO any natural action sense of the image.

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Post by Keifer »

A very nice image indeed. How long did it actually take to set up?

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Post by johan »

Outstanding to get the pose like that. Would have driven me spare, hat off to you sir.
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Post by crisarg »

Excellent, really worth the time spent for this project!
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Post by abpho »

I know what you mean about the tiny needles. Very nice image. Well done.

Rylee Isitt
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Post by Rylee Isitt »

Absolutely photogenic - the texture of the exoskeleton is great!

Nicely done - your patience paid off!

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Post by DQE »

Mind-boggling fine detail on the ants' surfaces!

Remarkable as a studio project, very well executed.

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