Unauthorised personnel on set!

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Unauthorised personnel on set!

Post by Beatsy »

I sometimes use macro "texture" shots as surreal backgrounds in composite images. This rose stem with thorns looked promising for an alien vista. Doubly so during processing when I found it had an "alien" in residence already!! :D

It's not a useful image of the little bug for presentation or anything, but still interesting. Super-tiny insects fascinate me no end, and I find new ones this way quite often. Those false scorpion things on flies and other insects are a common one. I've even spotted a couple of those in other people's pictures after they posted them without noticing.

Which leads me to ask, have you ever found unexpected visitors in your images that you didn't notice at capture time? Please feel free to post pics if you have 'em folks. Thanks.

Image is a little under 1:1, single shot with Sony A7riv + 90mm f/2.8 G Macro lens and diffused twin macro flash.
unauthorised personel on set.jpg

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Re: Unauthorised personnel on set!

Post by MarkSturtevant »

Definitely looks like an alien landscape! The critter is a globular springtail.
I do get "photobombs" pretty regularly. Here is one from last summer:
ImageGiant swallowtail by Mark Sturtevant, on Flickr
Mark Sturtevant
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Re: Unauthorised personnel on set!

Post by Sym P. le »

I was doing a photo study of the larger Ptenothrix springtail when the tiny interloper stole the focus :roll: . It was only present for one frame.

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Re: Unauthorised personnel on set!

Post by rjlittlefield »

My most memorable incident was not exactly "personnel".

'"The Answer is Blowing In The Wind".

If liveness is required, then that would be the aphids at https://www.photomacrography1.net/forum ... hp?p=15794 .


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