My first attempt

Images of undisturbed subjects in their natural environment. All subject types.

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My first attempt

Post by Buster6X6 »

I have to learn a lot but my humble beginning from Butterfly Conservatory in Waterloo/Ontario.




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Post by rjlittlefield »

Looks good from here!

One small comment about posting images... You need to put some space between images or the page format can get messed up. As originally written, your post ended up creating a very wide page that wouldn't fit on most monitors.

What usually works well is to just stick a blank line between images. I've edited your post to do that here.

Also, remember that there's a Preview button. You can click that to see what your post will look like, before clicking Submit.

Thanks for posting -- I look forward to more.


Craig Gerard
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Post by Craig Gerard »

I like the wing motion in the first image (not sure of the scientific term). Saturation is slightly too 'rich' in that particular image.

Do you recall the shutter speed used for the first image. I'd be curious to know just how fast the butterfly's wings are 'flapping'.
A quick search indicates around 80 to 100 beats per second.

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Post by twebster »

This is a nice set of images for your first posts. I especially like images #2 and #3. You kept the whole butterfly wings in good focus by keeping the camera parallel to the wings. That is good technique. Well done. :)
Tom Webster

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Post by Buster6X6 »

Rik,Craig and Tim Thank you for the comments. Craig ISO400 f11 1/60sec. The top butterfly was bumping the one on the bottom it happened fast for about 20 sec so I had to catch it at the right moment. He went down at least 6-7 times
Thanks Rikfor adjusting the images.


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Post by SONYNUT »

nice deep color
Just shoot it......

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Post by DeVil »

Very nice shots :)

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