Nikon MPlan 60x ELWD NA 0.70 objective

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Nikon MPlan 60x ELWD NA 0.70 objective

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I used this objective to photograph the shell of a Ostracod, last image:
The image was poor.
Thinking that maybe the poor result was more the nature of the subject than the quality of the lens. The shell was strongly convex.

Used the same lens to photograph the scales from a moth's wing (Noctua pronuba)
With the D720 the FOV is 24 mm, at 60x the image was 0.4 mm wide; top image.
The moth scale, bottom right, clearly shows several veins, pale, with clear membrane , black, between the veins (bottom image)
Each black and pale band is approx. 0.001 mm wide.
I'm happy with the objective!
pronuba scales 60x.jpg
pronuba scales crop 60x.jpg
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