Zeiss S-Orthoplanar 60mm f4 vs Minolta 5400 at 2X

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Zeiss S-Orthoplanar 60mm f4 vs Minolta 5400 at 2X

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I recently finished adapting this rare lens to the Sony A7R II for general photography. This adaption allows focus from 1:3 to infinity.
Lens details is here: http://www.macrolenses.de/ml_detail.php?ObjektiveNr=78 by Dr. Klaus Schmitt.

After one week of testing, I must say that the sharpness and smooth bokeh of this lens in general, closeup and macro is impressive.

The lens on the AR7R:
Zeiss OP60 on camera.jpg
Our new adoption
My dog.jpg
Flower .jpg

In macro mode, I stacked the lens in front of the Gretag 120mm for 2X and test against the well known Minolta scanner lens. The target is the wafer chip from Macro_Cosmos (thanks).
OP60+Gretag center.jpg

100% crop, Upper is Minolta, Lower is Zeiss.
Minolta 5400 2X center-2.jpg
OP60+Gretag center.jpg

Minolta 5400 2X corner.jpg
OP60+Gretag corner.jpg
From this quick test, I have to say that the Zeiss combo is better both in contrast and resolution.

A quick note from using the wafer. It is very difficult to get the lighting the same when testing lenses. For this test, the camera was set in A with +0.3 for both lenses in room light. Both lenses were flocked with filter on. The outside area of the target was also blacked out to prevent stray light. Any suggestion?

Edit to add:
I finally got my flash to work. Same story, but much better quality.
Minolta center
Minolta Center Flash.jpg
Zeiss center
OP60+Gretag center Flash.jpg


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