Leica EZ4D (older model): How to use the camera?

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Leica EZ4D (older model): How to use the camera?

Post by ElGordo »

Hi, I bought a second hand Leica EZ4D which has the digital camera triocular system. I have an SD card in it, I also have a USB cable which can (as an option) hook up to my laptop. I just want to use the camera to take images under the scope so from what I understand, I can simply use the SD card alone and not bother with the hook up to the laptop and I should be able to capture the image. It isn't working in any configuration that I've tried either holding the button, making the light change colour and beep, holding the button with the power then turned on, all not capturing an image. Leica does not help at all and said to buy a new scope (of course) but without a manual I'm stuck trying to figure out if I should send this one back or try and figure out this camera. The scope works fine, it's just the camera not capturing the image in any way at all. Does anyone out there have the older model of EZ4D (not HD etc.), and know how to determine if this doesn't work or if I'm doing it wrong? Just so you know, the SD card is new, it's not locked and it's a 16GB disc. I'd really appreciate deciding which way to go on this scope altogether with. Thanks.

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Re: Leica EZ4D (older model): How to use the camera?

Post by Harald »

Hi ElGordo,
I think your problem is the SD card. Not sure your scope can handle 16GB.

Have you tried with a smaller card (2 or 4GB)?
Kind Regards

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Re: Leica EZ4D (older model): How to use the camera?

Post by Pau »

Hi ElGordo,
Welcome to the forum.

I have no experience with this stuff so I just can drop some comments, guesses and suggestions:
- Being an outdated model you likely need an SD card from its time, some faster more modern ones could not be compatible, like Harald suggests (the original one is 128 MB SD!)

-The camera needs software to be operated from a computer, it still can be downloaded from Leica site https://www.leica-microsystems.com/es/p ... downloads/ (Spanish version here)
if other drivers are needed maybe you can download them from https://www.driverscape.com/download/leica-ez4d-v

It seems that you also could test the camera in analog mode through the back side small round video connector

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