24MP Canon Cameras

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24MP Canon Cameras

Post by ray_parkhurst »

Does anyone have reservations about the Canon SL3 vs the T7 or T6i for macro use? It seems the latest EOS Utility supports the SL3, and all cameras have remote Live View. I assume all have EFSC, but am not sure. Other issues?

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Post by Ichthyophthirius »

A theoretical issue could be the heat management. In earlier models the sensor would eventually get hot in LiveView and especially video mode after a few hours, even turning itself off as a safety feature.

With the very small housing of the SL3 this could be an issue; alternatively Canon may have better heat management nowadays. Just something to look out for!

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Post by Geopressure »

I have been using the T7i for stacking with good results. No issues. Can't comment on the other models.


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