Test wafer distribution: Many features, includes res chart

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Test wafer distribution: Many features, includes res chart

Post by Macro_Cosmos »

A long while ago, I promised to distribute some silicon chips so we all have standardised tools for objective testing. The wafer chips finally came to me via DHL.

Here's the chip, the grooves make it easy to break down, thanks to lasers. As you can see, each chip come as a pair. I suggest gluing it onto a microscope slide for ease of use. Included a trashed 10x objective for scale.

Here's the "navigation image" I made, which showcase the letter "B" and line pairs for resolution testing. I've layered the base image taken by a friend with images at higher magnification. All the higher magnification shots were taken using the technique of through-lens epi-illumination/coaxial illumination.

Full resolution: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/499 ... 5b6c_o.jpg

There's plentiful features, making the target suitable for low mag. of 1x all the way into 100x+. I wasn't able to get a good shot using my 100x NA1.35 oil immersion lens, I'll put one when I get it right.

The resolution chart starts to show up at 20x NA0.42 minimum, which renders mostly mush. Line pairs are barely visible at 5x and 10x. In the letter B, there's also lots of detail that won't show up at low mag. or low NA.

Unfortunately, the chips can be a little dirty. This shouldn't matter too much with conventional lighting though, epi-illumination makes any tiny speck of dust or fibre visible and detrimental.

I have 20 of these chips for distribution. We might get more in the future if the silicon wafer shows up again. The wafer has been laser cut. Each chip comes as a pair, so you're actually getting 2 identical copies of the chip.

These chips will be limited to 1 per person. Here's the postage cost:
Postage cost to destination via chosen AUSpost service + DHL postage cost to my location/20.

Basically, the cost for me to have the item sent from China is divided among 20 people. DHL shipping cost me about 120 AUD, so that's 6 dollars. Since there's stuff of my own in the parcel too, I'll make it $5. The warehouse does charge processing fees and packaging fees too, that's how they make money. The parcel was just under 1kg.

Use this to calculate postage cost to your city and add $5 on top. Use 2000 and choose Sydney.

Payment via paypal, send to friends/family only please, also please pay in AUD. Add in a couple coins to buy me coffee if you wish... :wink:

I'll pack the item in a pre-paid envelope, it will be wrapped in optical tissue, then put in a small paper slot, then taped to scrap paper. Auspost hates customers who do stuff like this, so I must make the thing feel like an actual letter.

It will be sent via registered standard post, it's a bit expensive but a lot safer. Economy air is very cheap, but I heard it's 10% "lost in transit".

This is strictly first come first serve, quantity is limited.

Send me a PM and include your postage address in the following format:

Address (full address):
Postal code is...
(Optional) Phone number (+area code, then number):

Jonny Citizen
11 Whatever Road, Somewhere 1234, Sometate, Somecountry
Suburb: Somewhere
Country: Somecountry
Postal code is 1234
State: Somestate

Please follow the format. Different countries have different formats and ways to represent the address. I don't want to spend time looking up those addresses on Gmaps just to figure out if "Lorem Ispum" is the city, suburb, or state...

Let me know if you want more than one copy. If we don't reach 20 here, then you'll be the first when it comes to multiples.

I will respond with my paypal address. Again, please pay in AUD and as friends/family. Once 20 is reached, I'll send them all out. If we don't hit 20, I'll post a reply here.

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Base image: Minolta 5400 scanner lens
High mag. image: NA1.35 100x oil immersion lens

Even NA of 1.35 kind of struggles with certain details! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Post by Pau »

I've sent you a PM, please see at your inbox

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Post by svbreakaway »

I am interested in one and have also sent you a PM.
Thanks for doing this BTW.

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Hi all,

I'm logging all the details at this moment. Once we reach 20, I'll send out the PP details at once to avoid any duplication and/or confusion on my end. I am quite clumsy at times.

Currently at 12, so 8 more copies to go!

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Post by dolmadis »

You don't seem to have opened my PM sent a few hours ago so it could be 13.




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Post by Lou Jost »

I've sent a request too. Thanks for finding and sharing this.

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Post by JohnDownie »

PM sent.

Thank you so much for doing this.

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Yes, I haven't opened any PMs. Simply logging the username now.

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Post by Macro_Cosmos »

14 on the list so far, so 6 to go.

I've opened the DMs, won't respond to them yet.

According to my list, most are from the USA as expected, some from the UK etc.
None from Australia :(

Here's the rates using the website. The website I've linked probably doesn't work well on phones or tablets because it's the PC version I copied.

The rates are all THE SAME.
It's $17.70+$5, currency is AUD.

I thought the rates would be different, easier than I thought. It's only different for parcels, not letters. 2 or 3 forum member asked me for a quote because our postage service's horrible website won't work, here you go! :lol:

Once we have 6 more, or I receive no messages, I'll send my paypal address.

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Post by Lou Jost »

If there is not enough demand, I'll buy two.

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Post by mawyatt »

I'll take one also.

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Post by rjlittlefield »

OK, I'll take one. PM to follow.


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Post by lonepal »


I'd like to have one but the shipping cost to Turkey is expensive (39.90 AUD) for a letter, sorry.

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Post by Monkeyhanger »

I will have one,based in the UK.PM sent.

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